Grape Spirit No.1

Seven Sisters Grape Spirit No.1

Our unique secret ingredient used in all of our Seven Sisters Spirits products. The Grape Spirit No.1 2018 is an extraordinary spirit with great depth, complexity and with a rounded mouth-feel.

What is the Seven Sisters Grape Spirit No.1?

We’ve had this up our sleeve for a couple of years. We use it as a base for our gin and brandy, and to fortify our vermouth, and we found using a state-of-the-art pot and column hybrid still that we could be really accurate with the flavours and what we’ve come up with is superb. You treat it like a fine whisky, you can drink it neat (and we love it like that) but it has such fantastic depth and complexity in its fruit flavours that you can use it as a base for an interesting twist in most classic cocktails or take your brown and stirred drinks to another level with 10ml on the end to get a burst of something unique.

Discover Seven Sisters Spirits

The Seven Sisters team expertly blends grape spirit from each year’s harvest into a limited quantity of gin, vermouth and a unique Grape Spirit No. 1. Visit for more information about Seven Sisters Spirits and cocktail recipes.

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