Rathfinny 2016 Blanc de Noirs Magnum


With longer bottle-ageing, magnums develop exciting new flavour profiles. We have produced a limited volume of magnums for the discerning wine lover that makes an undeniably spectacular gift or treat to enjoy with a group of family and friends. One bottle serves twelve glasses.

Our 2016 Blanc de Noirs is the second vintage of our signature Sussex Sparkling, made from predominantly Pinot Noir grapes grown and hand-harvested on the Rathfinny Wine Estate.


The Magic of Magnums

Limited edition, world-class and undeniably spectacular, a 2016 Blanc de Noirs Magnum is perfect for celebrations and gifting. If you or someone you know has ever tried one our of Sussex Sparkling wines, you will be thrilled to taste your favourite in a magnum form, noticing a new complexity and greater volume.


Rathfinny 2016 Blanc de Noirs Magnum has a rose-gold glow. This Pinot Noir dominated sparkling delivers an expressive nose of baked Braeburn apples, a textured mousse of morello cherries, and a refined, plum-compote finish.

Food Pairing

Our signature sparkling magnum pairs to perfection with duck rillettes or rare-cooked venison steaks, and boasts enough depth to accommodate the hot and sticky notes of Vietnamese-style caramel pork.


Budburst was timely, though it was very wet prior to flowering which, as a result, was slightly later than usual. However, we had a successful fruit set, despite July and the early part of August coming in cooler than normal. The second half of August brightened up with some very warm days. The dry weather continued throughout September until the end of the season. We picked in the latter part of October.

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Blanc de Noirs Magnum Roast Dinner


“Decadent and world class.” Will Lyons, The Sunday Times

“My favourite of the four wines is this terrific Blanc de Noirs. I like this style of wine from several other English wineries, too, but no one else makes a bottle of wine like this!” Matthew Jukes, MattewJukes.com

“Creamy but brisk richness is immediately suggested on the nose with a hint of nougat and freshly cut Red Delicious apple. There is something honeyed just after a touch of florality. The palate strikes a lovely balance and red apple juiciness appears. The ripeness of the fruit is apparent in the inherent balance, brimming with freshness bedded on sonorous roundness. The creamy foam holds a rye crumb richness with that sourdough hint of white pepper and all done without an ounce of fat.” Anne Krebiehl, The Buyer

“Full yellow in colour with a hint of red. There’s some depth here, with lots of fruitiness. There are cherry and apple notes (lots of apple) as well as bright lemony fruit, and some notes of nut and honey. Complex and rich with keen acidity. Very attractive with some richness to the fruit, and plenty of flavour, with the ever-present acidity adding focus to the bold cherry and apple notes.” Jamie Goode, Wine Anorak

Release Date

November 2020


93% Pinot Noir, 7% Pinot Meunier

Lees Ageing

36 months


Inoculated with commercial yeast, fermented in stainless steel tanks at 16°C







Malolactic Fermentation


Fining Agent




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Sussex Sparkling 150cl Magnum, Sussex Sparkling Magnum (3 x 150cl)

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