Rathfinny 2016 Classic Cuvée Magnum


With longer bottle-ageing, magnums develop exciting new flavour profiles. We have produced a limited volume of magnums for the discerning wine lover that makes an undeniably spectacular gift or treat to enjoy with a group of family and friends. One bottle serves twelve glasses each.

Our 2016 Classic Cuvée magnum is the first vintage of our classic Sussex Sparkling, made using the traditional method from Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes, grown and hand-harvested on the Rathfinny Wine Estate.


The Magic of Magnums

Limited edition, world-class and undeniably spectacular, a 2016 Classic Cuvée Magnum is perfect for celebrations and gifting. If you or someone you know has ever tried one our of Sussex Sparkling wines, you will be thrilled to taste your favourite in a magnum form, noticing a new complexity and greater volume.


The Rathfinny 2016 Classic Cuvée Magnum showcases a radiant lemon in hue, with an expressive nose of fresh red orchard apples, a creamy tangerine mousse punctuated by toasty notes of almond brittle, and a honeydew melon finish.


The Rathfinny 2016 Classic Cuvée magnum gravitates towards the deep and earthy notes of truffle-infused arancini or a cep and onion tart, but also meshes phenomenally with the comforting creaminess of a fish pie. This is a very versatile food-matcher.


Budburst was timely, though it was very wet prior to flowering which, as a result, was slightly later than usual. However, we had a successful fruit set, despite July and the early part of August coming in cooler than normal. The second half of August brightened up with some very warm days. The dry weather continued throughout September until the end of the season. We picked in the latter part of October.

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“Ripe, freshly cut Golden Delicious apple sets a fresh and juicy accent on the nose. Creamy autolysis with hints of brioche adds a notion of richness to the brisk palate where a mellower creaminess is spread with the lively, fine foam. Structure and backbone remain always in focus, softened by lovely autolytic notes that almost attain a rye crumb saltiness, underlined by the firm texture and creamy foam. A mellow apple freshness lingers long.” Anna Krebiehl, The Buyer

“With some colour, this is pure and focused. Its all about fruit, with precision and intensity. Zesty, citrussy, with hints of cherries and pear fruit, kept in check with keen acidity. Its very linear and fruity, with a hint of herbs on the finish. The acidity is pretty high here, but the richer fruit flavours stop it getting out of hand.” Jamie Goode, Wine Anorak

“There is a heady perfume and an apple and cinnamon compote theme here which is rather alluring and I feel that they have certainly managed to make a wine which suits both their site and their tastes.” Matthew Jukes, MatthewJukes.com

Release Date

November 2020


57% Pinot Noir, 22% Chardonnay, 21% Pinot Meunier

Lees Ageing

36 months


Inoculated with commercial yeast, fermented in stainless steel tanks at 16°C







Malolactic Fermentation


Fining Agent




Single & Case Options

Sussex Sparkling 150cl Magnum, Sussex Sparkling Magnum (3 x 150cl)

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